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Learn more about the TEAM behind the brand

Claudia Madden


Property management had been my career for several years, and I was not ready for the boredom of retirement. One must have fun in life! I was searching YouTube one day, and came upon videos of rage rooms in Arizona and knew this was an adventure I wanted to pursue.
Life is a little chaotic and stressful for some. What better and fun-filled way to rid yourself of negativity than to smash and destroy things!
I love meeting and being with people; hearing their stories and getting to know them. I would like to get to know you. Please call us for an appointment and let us be a solution to your stress.

Anthony Madden


Partner, Anthony Madden has a simple reason for wanting to open a Rage Room. “I am always stressed, so I figured, where else can I destroy stuff without getting in trouble”? It’s my genuine hope that Break Time will give others the opportunity to relieve some stress and have some fun. It’s going to be a great experience for individuals, couples, groups and businesses.

Ty Harris


Ty Harris is native to Northeast Ohio. Here in Ohio, we love family, sports, and fun. Our whole lives we are told to be cautious, and never take risks. With the opening of Break Time, we are bucking that tradition to provide a structured release for a multitude of emotions and fun. We will work tirelessly to provide a quality product to accommodate our fellow rage mongers. Welcome to Break Time!

We wish you all the best.